The world of Bag-all is full of bags! We make cool bags and cases for organizing, traveling and gifting. You name it, we have it: organizing bags, travel bags, padded cases, gift bags, tote bags, wine bags, laundry bags, garment bags and more... 

The idea of all products are based on the thought of reuse without compromising on design and style. Bag-all offers reusable fabric bags for all occasions and allows us all to take small stylish steps to a more environmental lifestyle.


It's not always easy to live an environmentally friendly life but it is all about the choices we make. By making small changes we can achieve big results, and that's why Bag-all started! We believe that reuse is the best way to help the environment on an individual level and using fabric bags as opposed to plastic bags is an easy way of thinking and acting in a sustainable manner. For example, giving your gifts in fabric gift bags or carrying your groceries in a canvas tote, that can be used over and over again, help save the environment from the garbage that gift-wrapping or plastic bags generates. It's also a wonderfully stylish way to wrap your presents or carry your milk home.


Bag-all started 5 years ago in New York by swedish stylist and entrepreneur Jennifer Jansch. She wanted to combine her passion for reuse and design to create something meaningful. The result was Bag-all!
The first collection was the gift bag collection, which was quickly accompanied by the organizing and travel collection. In only one short year Bag-all grew to open its first store on Manhattan, and three more collections: cases, wine bags and tote bags, were added to the Bag-all family. Today, Bag-all has over 200 designs, sells to over 25 countries and has opened a European office and store in Stockholm. 

If you want to read more about Jennifer and Bag-all's journey from dream to international success get the book dreamcatcher here.


Waste is a huge problem across the Globe with growing populations and rapidly increasing consumption. Traditional gift wrapping becomes waste the second the gift is unwrapped. Moreover, the production of wrapping paper, bows, tape etc requires a wealth of natural resources and pollutes the environment. Did you know that each year during the holiday season it’s estimated that Americans generate 4 million tons of additional garbage, mostly made up of shopping bags and wrapping paper? 

Let's start changing that! Below you can find a guide on how to make your own bags.